PD Training Courses

IPEC offer a range of PD Training Courses available to new and existing clients. The courses cover theory and methods of online PD detection and location on MV, HV and EHV cables and MV switchgear.

PD Training Courses

Our PD Training Courses are designed for people of all skill levels to ensure they get the best out of IPEC technology, or other PD testing equipment.

  • Cable and Switchgear PD Theory
  • Use of handheld PD test equipment
  • Detection and Location of PD in Switchgear
  • Detection and Location of PD in Cables
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation of ASM Monitoring data

PD Training Courses. IPEC Services and Support






Our training courses are built around customer needs and involve classroom training as well as on site practical training where required. All of IPEC’s products come with optional training packages. Please contact IPEC or your local representative for further information.